Magic in the desert: from sunset to dawn

Magic in the desert: from sunset to dawn

Tuesday departure at 13:00 return at 11:00 + 1 day On board of wonderful and comfortable Jeeps you will spend one of the most magical and naturalistic nights you can tell. You will reach the famous Empty Quarter, the Rub al Khali Desert up to the high sand dunes that at sunset seem to absorb the warm orange color of the sun turning into fine red sand. After adventurous and fun SUV routes on the dunes, the accompanying staff will set up the camping area where you will spend the night and prepare the barbecue for a typical Bedouin dinner by candlelight. A magical night in the desert under the stars. after the spectacle of dawn and a breakfast still in the desert. Along the way back we will touch the stages planned for the “the sunset in the desert” excursion: Wadi Doca, the valley with the trees of the Incense, the Black Camels and the legendary city of Ubar. Unforgettable adventure. Recommended clothing: sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, comfortable shoes and scarf


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